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MACRO WARS - Privacy Policy

This privacy policy needs updating since a change of backend platforms. Main difference is that now I have a backend database I can start to work on some sort of progression system. So because of that, certain log information supplied by your account provider is used to hold information about your game progress.

This Privacy Policy explains how Macro Wars and its sole developer (Malcolm Hodge) collects, uses and protects the information obtained when a user logs in to a Google Play account from within the game.

Your financial information

I do not collect, store or use any Financial Information about users

Macro Wars and its sole developer (Malcolm Hodge) do not collect, store or use financial information (such as credit card numbers). All in app purchases are processed by Google in accordance with their own terms and conditions and privacy policies. Google does not share your financial information with me.

What Personal Information of yours does Macro Wars use and why.

When you log in to Google Play from within Macro Wars, you are giving Macro Wars access to your Google Play Gamer ID.

The only Personal Information that is actually used by Macro Wars is your Gamer ID for a display name.

How long is you Personal Information stored

Apart from your Gamer ID, which is used and shared among other players for which you are participating with in multiplayer games, and may also be used as part of server logs. Macro Wars does not store your information for any longer than the time you are actually running the game. No other Personal Information of yours is ever collected or used for any reason. When using the contact form at you will likely be giving me (Malcolm Hodge) access to your email address, but I will never use or share that information with any third party. Nor will I ever send you emails for marketing purposes. I might however use it to respond to a question or to just thank you for feedback or ideas you might have sent to me. The Macro Wars game/app will not have access to your email address or any other personal information.

What is your Personal Information used for

Macro Wars only uses your Personal Information in order to help create and improve the experience and security for the service you are using. Having players require being logged in to Google Play helps improve the security of the game and also helps create a more personal experience for all players involved in multiplayer matches together.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, Macro Wars Privacy Policy may be reviewed and revised. Please check this Policy for any changes before you run Macro Wars on any of your devices.

This Privacy Policy was last updated 3rd February 2017

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